The Secret Currency of Love (Book Review)

by Ouida on February 28, 2010

This book is incredible I was looking for Financial Infidelity, recently featured on CNNMoney, but our independent bookseller didn’t have it. They had Hilary Black’s book instead. Money issues in relationships are difficult and are the number one reason that relationships end, but this book contains essays from several successful female writers on the issue of money. NOT about personal finance, but how money and decisions around money plays out in their most intimate lives. I was frankly surprised at the level of sharing in this book, but there you have it. My partner and I have been together 15 years. We have decided not to talk about money and our finances are, for the most part, separate. That separation prevents numerous arguments, but it doesn’t reduce stress. Just for a sense of perspective for anyone struggling with money either alone or while in a relationship or to know that you are not alone, The Secret Currency of Love is a must read. To find out more and read additional reviews click this link, The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money, and Relationships

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Women and Money
June 22, 2010 at 9:01 pm

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