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Up until 1997 I was spending many a sleepless night worrying about the debt I was in.  I remember thinking and saying to myself that I would always have credit card debt, plus car debt, plus other retail debt, plus student loan debt.  Even as I reconciled myself to having debt, I believed deep down I shouldn’t have to.  That there had to be a way out, I just didn’t know what it was.  I grew up thinking that wealth equals income.  If I earned a good income, the wealth would follow.  Somehow having that good income seemed to make the problem worse as my spending outpaced any and everything I earned. The more I earned, the more I spent.  The situation was completely unsustainable.  One day, fed up, I decided to take a good hard look at my situation.  I pulled out all of my credit card statements and looked at the amount that I had spent over the past year and the amount I paid.  I realized that I could forge a way out and I did.  4 years later, the credit card, student loan and car debt was gone and I bought my first investment property.

This blog isn’t about investing in certificates of deposit or 401Ks. It isn’t about finding the best high-yield savings account or asset allocation for your IRA, but this blog is about money, how it works and new ways to think about it.  See most of the financial information available today will help you land in the poor house in retirement.  The problem is that you won’t know that you are broke in retirement until you actually get there and then what?  You won’t get a do-over; at age 65 you are stuck with the results.

I follow 4 personal finance blogs.  Not because I necessarily follow their advice but because I am interested in how the authors of those blogs think about money.  I will list those blogs on my resources page along with my “whys and why nots” for following them.  One of these blog authors wrote on his “About this blog” page that he would never discuss Network Marketing.  His blog is called Get Rich Slowly and I think JD Roth, the blog’s author, may be concerned about the Get Rich Quick stigma of Network Marketing.  I will discuss Network Marketing and general success principles as well as personal finance.  The truth is that once you have laid the basic foundation for financial success and acquired the required financial disciplines, you will need to increase your income if breaking free of the traditional work schedule is part of your overall plan.  Network Marketing is a great way to add a revenue stream and learn basic business skills that will help you earn more money.

Finally it is my hope that you gain value from what you read here.  Treat the information contained here like a smorgasbord.  Take what you can use and leave the rest.   I am cantankerous and opinionated, my style is not for everyone, but it is my sincere hope that you learn something that will help you move forward in life.

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