Ordinary Wizarding Levels

by Ouida on October 1, 2013

Every federal Employee has his or her performance addressed at least twice a year. The performance is graded along 5 tiers similar to the Ordinary Wizarding Level in the Harry Potter Novels:
Exceeds Expectations
Okay so we don’t have Dreadful and Troll but maybe we should. A federal employee can face disciplinary action for gross nonfeasance. Our Congress couldn’t pass a basic spending bill, a minimum requirement for job performance. Instead they have thrown millions of families into economic uncertainty and shown the world that the US Government cannot handle its business. Our Congress will continue to receive full pay come October 11 (that would have been our next pay day) and every two weeks thereafter while the government is shut down. Some in Congress have voiced appropriate embarrassment over this and have pledged to give their pay to charity but most are keeping mum.
What is your congressman or senator going to do? Call them, write them, tweet them and urge them to give their money to disabled veterans or another worthy cause. Urge them to share in the economic pain they have caused by being unable or unwilling to do their jobs.

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