My iPad is on Order and I Can’t Wait

by Ouida on April 2, 2010

I am tired of the pundits!

I finally pre-ordered my WiFi-3G iPad and I cannot wait to get it. I remember when the iPhone came out, I remember when Apple opened its retail stores. Pundits had lots to say, mostly negative. Apple didn’t need retail stores. Now the retail stores have helped increase Apple’s market share and its market cap. People didn’t want or need the kind of smart phone the iPhone represented now Apple has become the standard. I am always getting e-mails from friends, the tag line, “sent from my iPhone”. Years after the iPhone was first introduced, it still has a wow factor among those of us who don’t yet have one. Maybe the iPad will be a dud, but I don’t think so. About a month ago Amazon started offering its Kindle app as a free download to iPhone users. The iPad will run the iPhone OS, so guess what. Amazon is really saying use our app iPad users and read our books on your new iPad. When I get my iPad, I will download the Kindle app. I have lap tops and by themselves they are pretty light, but I have a lap top case, charger, and other items that increase the weight of the lap top to something not very comfortable or mobile. When do I use my lap top? When I am traveling and want to view a movie, when I am traveling and want to read an e-book, (they are lousy e-book readers by the way) when I am traveling and want to use the word processing function and when I am traveling and want to check my e-mail. The iPad will not be as robust as a lap top, but it will fit the bill for most people. I for one will be happy to leave my 10 pound lap top + entourage behind. Apple has become masterful at defining the user experience and creating irresistible sex-appeal around their products. I believe they have done it with the iPad. I’ll update this post as soon as I have my new iPad.

The iPad comes out this weekend. What do you think? Please comment

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